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Aglet Sans: just like Aglet Slab—but less so!

(Less serif, that is.)

Aglet Sans is the new streamlined companion to our previous release Aglet Slab, sensitively redrawn but springing from the same ethos: roundness is a disposition, not mere ornament. Narrow and straight-sided, Aglet Sans playfully exploits a system of angles and corner radiuses to arrive at a vocabulary of shapes that becomes more diverse and intriguing as it grows heavier, and feels as at home in editorial design and corporate branding as it does on the web. Try & buy Aglet Sans

Read more… April 17, 2019

Making Study: New clothing for the twenty-six leaden soldiers

Released last month, Jesse Ragan's Study is the result of a hypothetical dialogue with Rudolph Ruzicka. Here Jesse details the process behind bringing the design from a hand-painted alphabet to a comprehensive digital typeface family. With historical background and analysis of design decisions, the piece provides a personal look at how one typeface was made.

Read more… December 11, 2018

A new serif typeface: Study

Our newest typeface has been waiting fifty years to be finished.

Study is based on an alphabet concept by designer and engraver Rudolph Ruzicka, first published in 1968 but never completed as a typeface. Now our own Jesse Ragan has reimagined it as a stunning 12-style family, full of unexpected twists and turns.

Try & buy the fonts on the Study page.

Read more… November 15, 2018

We got the gig (posters)

Our new type specimen is here! To showcase our library of typefaces, designers Chantal Jahchan and Noah Baker created a booklet of fictional gig posters for artists starting with the letters X, Y, and Z. If you’re attending Typographics this weekend, you’ll find a copy in your tote bag. We’re also happy to send you one for free (within the United States), while supplies last. Just drop us a line.

More images after the jump.

Read more… June 14, 2018

Dartmouth & Ruzicka, reunited

Jesse designed Dartmouth College’s new logotype and typeface, as a part of OCD Agency’s overhaul of their identity system. Both typographic elements are based on alphabets created by Rudolph Ruzicka in the late 1960s, when he had a close relationship with the university.

Read more… January 29, 2018

Remembering Rich Roat

“I’ve got peanut butter in my cranks” is what Rich Roat would say to me when we were spinning along the roads on a lunchtime ride. A kind way of saying, “Hey, I’m not feeling quite as fast as you are today, slow down!” Ever since hearing the news that Rich passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, all I’ve felt has been that slowness and heaviness.

Read more… December 3, 2017

Fifty-Nine National Parks poster

We’ve partnered with Type Hike on their latest project, celebrating the “Fifty-Nine National Parks of the United States of America.” James Walker designed the poster using only XYZ Type’s fonts. 

The type-only design marks the first public use of our upcoming release Escalator, a straightforward but approachable geometric sans. The contrasting buoyant brushstrokes of Cortado emphasize the diverse natural features that give many parks their names. Escalator and Cortado were both originally client commissions, inspired by midcentury architectural signage and advertising scripts. 

Now available from Type Hike, in a limited run of 100 screen-printed posters. All profits will be donated to help protect and preserve the outdoors.

Read more… December 1, 2017