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Cedar branches out with five new weights

Since its January debut on Future Fonts, Cedar has grown from three weights to eight! The typeface’s unique angular logic yields dazzling graphic forms in the extremes, from the whittled-down Thin to the sturdy Ultra.

The typeface is still under development—italics and character set expansion are planned for future updates. Snag version 0.2 now, and Future Fonts will keep you up to speed with free updates as Cedar continues to grow.

► License Cedar v0.2 at Future Fonts

Read more… October 14, 2020

Aglet tackles the monospace puzzle

Eminently practical and a little eccentric, Aglet Mono joins the Aglet superfamily. Like Aglet Slab and Aglet Sans, it builds on a fundamental structure of roundness, which tempers its modular, fixed-width rhythms and distinguishes it from other typefaces in the genre.

Read more… July 28, 2020

Ballast packs a punch

Ben Kiel’s new typeface Ballast is here, hot on the heels of the release of Cedar. Version 0.1 of both typefaces are available exclusively from Future Fonts. Ballast’s strong but playful voice comes from a unique strategy to shift weight into balance while maintaining tight clearances. Bulky shapes pack into spaces carved out of other strokes, creating curled counterforms that provide a diversion from the monotonous rhythm of slab serifs.

Read more… February 4, 2020

Harvest Cedar while it’s a sapling

Our upcoming typeface Cedar has made an early debut exclusively on Future Fonts. Designed by Jesse Ragan, Cedar’s puzzling system wraps rudimentary vector shapes around calligraphic structures in a hand-carved aesthetic.

Read more… January 21, 2020

Aglet Sans: just like Aglet Slab—but less so!

(Less serif, that is.)

Aglet Sans is the new streamlined companion to our previous release Aglet Slab, sensitively redrawn but springing from the same ethos: roundness is a disposition, not mere ornament. Narrow and straight-sided, Aglet Sans playfully exploits a system of angles and corner radiuses to arrive at a vocabulary of shapes that becomes more diverse and intriguing as it grows heavier, and feels as at home in editorial design and corporate branding as it does on the web. Try & buy Aglet Sans

Read more… April 17, 2019

Making Study: New clothing for the twenty-six leaden soldiers

Released last month, Jesse Ragan's Study is the result of a hypothetical dialogue with Rudolph Ruzicka. Here Jesse details the process behind bringing the design from a hand-painted alphabet to a comprehensive digital typeface family. With historical background and analysis of design decisions, the piece provides a personal look at how one typeface was made.

Read more… December 11, 2018

A new serif typeface: Study

Our newest typeface has been waiting fifty years to be finished.

Study is based on an alphabet concept by designer and engraver Rudolph Ruzicka, first published in 1968 but never completed as a typeface. Now our own Jesse Ragan has reimagined it as a stunning 12-style family, full of unexpected twists and turns.

Try & buy the fonts on the Study page.

Read more… November 15, 2018

We got the gig (posters)

Our new type specimen is here! To showcase our library of typefaces, designers Chantal Jahchan and Noah Baker created a booklet of fictional gig posters for artists starting with the letters X, Y, and Z. If you’re attending Typographics this weekend, you’ll find a copy in your tote bag. We’re also happy to send you one for free (within the United States), while supplies last. Just drop us a line.

More images after the jump.

Read more… June 14, 2018