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Dartmouth & Ruzicka, reunited

January 29, 2018

Jesse designed Dartmouth College’s new logotype and typeface, as a part of OCD Agency’s overhaul of their identity system. Both typographic elements are based on alphabets created by Rudolph Ruzicka in the late 1960s, when he had a close relationship with the university.

The logotype (above) is modeled after Ruzicka’s design for the Dartmouth College Bicentennial Medal. Jesse streamlined the design to allow it to be appliciable to a wide variety of contexts.

This angular calligraphic serif typeface is part of Jesse’s larger effort to revive several alphabet concepts from Ruzicka’s collection “Studies in Type Design.” Customized for the identity system as “Dartmouth Ruzicka,” it provides a rustic counterpoint to the austere capitals of the university’s logotype.

See more on Jesse’s site, and read OCD’s full case study.

The full type family will be available from XYZ Type soon. Please contact us for advance licensing.