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Unique mix of different rounded terminals



Symbols designed to match each weight



Recommended for use from 14 points/pixels to huge



Proportional and tabular figures



Optional alternate structure for ‘a’



Optional alternate structure for ‘g’



True Italics, with adjustments to structure, proportions, and curves



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Aglet Slab Extra Light
Aglet Slab Extra Light Italic
Aglet Slab Light
Aglet Slab Light Italic
Aglet Slab Regular
Aglet Slab Italic
Aglet Slab Semibold
Aglet Slab Semibold Italic
Aglet Slab Bold
Aglet Slab Bold Italic
Aglet Slab Black
Aglet Slab Black Italic
Aglet Slab Ultra
Aglet Slab Ultra Italic

About Aglet Slab

Confident & well-rounded

Roundness is the heart of Aglet Slab’s structure—not merely a surface detail. Blunt serifs and repeated geometric shapes find variety in a strategic hierarchy of curves, from subtly cushioned points to abrupt circular ends. An underlying framework of 45° and 90° angles provides a stable foundation for more boastful characters and organic details.

Aglet Slab reverberates a friendly high-tech tone when used prominently, but it stays crisp and nimble in longer texts. A broad range of weights in roman and italic add up to fourteen versatile styles, each with matching symbols. You’ll want Aglet Slab at hand for whatever comes around the corner.


Jesse Ragan

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