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Six weights in roman and italic


Recommended for use from 10 points (14 pixels) to huge


A blend of calligraphic and typographic forms



Small capitals



Old style and lining figures (proportional and tabular)



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Study Light
Study Light Italic
Study Regular
Study Italic
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Study Medium Italic
Study Semibold
Study Semibold Italic
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Study Bold Italic
Study Extra Bold
Study Extra Bold Italic

About Study

Eloquent & approachable

An elegant blend of typographic structure with calligraphic details gives Study its distinguished charm. Dramatic twists and turns dominate at large sizes, yet melt into paragraph text. Bright counterforms and wide proportions make reading a pleasure in print or on screen. Study’s fundamental sense of humanity grows from a distinctive combination of quirks, such as the poised spine of S, the wide-eyed e, and the muscular limbs of k. In the lyrical italic lowercase, rustic serifs give way to quick pen strokes.

Study is based on a hand-drawn alphabet published in 1968 by Czech-American designer and wood engraver Rudolph Ruzicka. In digital form, his concept has matured into a robust type family of twelve styles, well-equipped for modern typesetting.

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Jesse Ragan
Rudolph Ruzicka

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