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Aglet tackles the monospace puzzle

July 28, 2020

Aglet Mono’s offbeat rhythms

Eminently practical and a little eccentric, Aglet Mono joins the Aglet superfamily. Like Aglet Slab and Aglet Sans, it builds on a fundamental structure of roundness, which tempers its modular, fixed-width rhythms and distinguishes it from other typefaces in the genre.

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Monospace doesn’t mean monotonous. On the contrary. The occupation of an equal amount of space by all glyphs along the horizontal axis generates syncopated, awkward voids around the shapes—and a challenge for the typeface’s designer, who scrambles to come up with creative strategies to offset these lopsided spatial tempos.

And so the caved-in sides of A, V, W, v, and w compensate for the absence of kerning. Splashy f, j, r, and t fill their allotted space with arches and hooks, and a brazenly complex g allies itself with the idiosyncrasies of some of the other glyphs.  

Aglet Mono is a display(ish) face at heart, but it also translates well to the more routine demands of code. Technical and mechanical, but also sincere and ad hoc, Aglet Mono rounds out the Aglet family while remaining fiercely independent.

Aglet Mono as Riso animation

You read that right. Exploring the relationship between analog and digital output, the inimitable Kelli Anderson produced the mind-bending animation up top by printing each frame on a Risograph printer—in five colors! (See a high-quality version on Instagram.) She also created a series of prints, which are now available.