If you need a custom-tailored typeface, expert-level finesse on a logo you’ve created, or anything in between, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We happily take on custom projects—large and small—for design agencies, cultural institutions, publications, and brands.

These case studies demonstrate the range of services we offer: original typefaces, modifications of our fonts, custom lettering, logotype refinement, and technical solutions. Our fees start at $10,000 for a typeface and $2,500 for lettering.

Simply put, if it involves letterforms, we can help. Email us at to find out how.

The new Rolling Stone magazine logo on a red background
Rolling Stone
Custom lettering
Gage and Tollner logo
Gage & Tollner
Custom lettering
"Jose Cuervo" set in the Pepino and Pia typefaces on blue background
Jose Cuervo
Custom typeface
Carnegie Hall’s CH monogram logo
Carnegie Hall
Custom lettering
Sir Kensington’s logo
Sir Kensington’s
Custom lettering
Casey’s logo
Custom lettering
The words "Polymode Sans" set in the typeface Polymode
Custom typeface
Logo lockup of "From the Ibex Cellar"
Ibex Cellar
Custom lettering
Supermajority logo
Custom lettering, Custom typeface
The Northeastern University logotype monogram, and motto lockup
Northeastern University
Custom lettering, Custom typeface
Dartmouth logo
Dartmouth College
Custom lettering, Custom typeface